How we look at things


As a company we live up to three guidelines that somehow evolved organically during our holidays, business trips and – let’s be honest – some late night bar hopping:

  1. The first – and most important one – is to deliver you a truly unique, well-designed product of excellent quality. A product you can proudly incorporate into your daily activities.
  2. Second, we like to co-produce our products with the people who live closest to the raw materials. This way profit is shared more equally across the production chain, so we all get richer, instead of just us. We think that’s fair.
  3. Thereto we like to push ourselves to explore new ways of production, discovering new techniques and uses for unconventional materials. This may lead to terrible headaches and the occasional crying ourselves to sleep at night, but it also brings us unique, inspiring products and a reward no money can buy.

No easy guidelines. But we think business would be boring without them.

Our reason for being

It’s our mission to inspire you with unique, well-designed, high-end products for everyday use. Manufactured in places where you thought they only grew bananas.

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Transparency towards sustainability

Talking big about being sustainable is still most common these days in business. Being transparent about where the profit goes across the production chain is more rare. We believe that only by showing these money flows, our efforts in sustainable development can be justified.

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