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“We like to push ourselves to explore new ways of production, discovering new techniques and uses for unconventional materials. This may lead to terrible headaches and the occasional crying ourselves to sleep at night, but it also brings us unique, inspiring products and a reward no money can buy.When she saw the small bike workshop on her travels in Ghana with the bamboo frames, being Dutch and a bike enthusiast it was love at first sight and she was inspired to export a unique bike out of Africa. The challenge was to redesign the frame to improve both the quality and to ensure it passed the rigorous testing standards conducted in Germany for the Europe market.

Our main goal is to develop cool products and create employment opportunities. Made in Africa for export also supports our philosophy of trade not aid. In the field of environmental sustainability we’re no experts. And we’re not really sure what the artificial resin does for our environment, but this we do know compared to the ordinary steel or aluminium bicycles our bike is a downright saint. The production of 1ton steel leaves the world with the incredible amount of 480 kilo of carbon dioxide. You do the maths.”

Imke Harms

Industrial Designer | Founder


Taco Temminck


Taco is one of the three founders of the BlackStarBikes company.


Also part of the three founders of the company is Seb Soeters.

Seb Soeters



Mirjam Nagel

Manager Operations

Managing operations of BlackStarBikes since 2013.

T: +31(0)6 343 757 92

E: [email protected]


Na mijn studie Commerciële Sporteconomie ben ik na een periode als werknemer voor mezelf begonnen. Ik kwam daarna snel in aanraking met BlackStarBikes. Altijd heb ik al wel wat met fietsen gehad, maar bamboefietsen had ik ook nog nooit gezien. Het leek mij meteen fantastisch om met deze duurzame en hippe fietsen de markt op te gaan. Ondertussen zet ik mij ruim een jaar in voor BlackStarBikes en ik hoop er nog veel mensen zullen overstappen op de maatschappelijke bamboefietsen!

E: [email protected]

Roel Hilderink

ZZP Sales


Peter Jacobs

Corporate Sales

Peter Jacobs is focussing on corporate sales within our company.

T: +31(0)6 53 899 305

E: [email protected]


As final graduation project of his Industrial Design Engineering study at the Technical Univsersity of Delft, Luuk is working on a new product design. Looking into our company’s interests, market opportunities and consumer wishes he is developing new sustainable consumer products.

Luuk Akkerman

Intern Industrial Design


Arjen Reinders

Intern Product Design

Studying at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), Arjen is developing a new product design for Blackstarbikes as his final graduation project.