How will it look?


How will it look? Your company logo on a head-turning BlackStar bamboo bike? Pretty cool, we guess. Unless maybe your company name is Gazelle. Or Giant. Or Schwinn…

Your bamboo bike as a bill-board

You can print your logo and name on a bamboo plaque. This way your company will get more attention than its probably good for. So if your company wants to work on its coolness, let’s talk, +31(0)6 10310957. We know all about government grants and smart fiscal arrangements.

Download the BlackstarBikes brochure (Dutch)

Your bamboo bike as a good investment
  • A bamboo bike is the perfect conversation starter. Since most responsible companies also use recycled paper, you need to go a little bit further to set your company apart from the others. A bamboo bicycle is a good start
  • Did you know employees who go to their work on a bike are less often absent than an employees who take the car or a scooter? Fact.
  • Bamboo can absorb as much as 1,2 tonnes of carbon dioxide per 10 square meters per year, where as the production of 1 ton steel leaves the world with the incredible amount of 480 kilo of carbon dioxide. So do yourself a favour…